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Each day of your life is important- organize it using a calendar

You get up late in the morning, think that you have to study, but ultimately it is the afternoon time and you are feeling lazy to study anymore! You think that evening can be the best time to study, but you are flooded by calls and messages in your phone!

So, was the day fruitful enough? Well, actually no. A perfect routine has to be followed to make your day productive and a sense of satisfaction has to be felt at the end of the day!

Use a calendar

A calendar can play an important role in organizing your day. The first thing that you would need is a proper planning. Without a planning nothing can be achieved. For example, if you think that you are left with a ton of math syllabus, you certainly cannot achieve it in a day. You can divide your calendar monthly or weekly.

Now, math is such a subject that needs daily practice and a minimum of two hours has to be contributed daily.

Let your calendar plan your day in such a way that not only makes your day productive, but also helps you socialize with your friends and family. Socializing is equally important. Suppose, it is 1st May.

Mark the timings for every subject you will study on that particular day. for example, from 7am-9am you will do math, 10am-11am- grammar, 11am-1pm- science and then a nap. Again chalk out what you will study in the evening.

The whole purpose is to make your day enjoyable as well as productive. Studies and work are a part of life, but you should also understand the essence of laughter and communication. A proper scheduled day will not leave you with any guilt at the end of the day!