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Manage your time by using calendars

Time management can be a daunting task for most of the individuals. It at times becomes impossible to go according to the plan.

Either you tend to forget things or you run out of time. Why does this happen?

This is because at some point or the other you are lacking a proper planning. You try to do things all at one go and you end up doing nothing!

So, a schedule is needed to get you going for any task in a positive and an effective manner.

Tips to plan your day effectively

The first thing to remember is use only one calendar for everything. You should never keep different diaries for different tasks. You will go hay-wire if you do so. Be it keeping a schedule of meetings, studies, workout or sleeping, you should just have one calendar.

Every night just write the plans for the next day. Get up in the morning and go through the calendar to brush up whats ahead in your plan. This will help you know the exact timing of doing a particular work.

You should know your priorities. If you are a student, your first priority should be completing your studies first and then enjoying with your friends. If you are a businessman, you should understand the importance of clients and their grievances.

Know what things usually waste your time. Definitely social networking, blogging, chatting with friends can take away a considerable amount of time. Keep a special time for these things. Dont just interrupt your schedule for such things.

Know what matters to you the most. Chalk out the things. Let your calendar alert you with what you want and you are sure to get the success.

Get started with a calendar now and see how your life changes!