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Introducing calendar - days, months and years; organized.
your life is busy - we get that. with calendar, we have designed a beautiful, minimalistic online calendar for your everyday needs. It your life, organized, day by day, month by month.

calendar cannot show you a party trick, speak to you or do anything unique - it just a calendar and that the beauty in it.
if your life is so busy, why should we make a calendar with every bell and whistle known to man - would it be easier to just go back to the drawing board?

so, that what we did, and Calendar is the result of that aspiration.
In a visual way, calendar shows you everything occurring in the next month and lets you know exactly how many events you are attending.

Whether it meeting for a coffee or a simple reminder, calendar has you covered.
add events quickly, and never lose a minute of your day. Whenever you need to see what happening in your life, just go to calendar,
and i will tall there... waiting for you. set a time for the event, and see what is going on in your life, one day at a time.
calendar - minimalistic and unapologetically simple; everything that a calendar needs to be.
- add events at any time on any day in any month.
- view the days for each date and stay in the know.
- see what is happening in your life on any day.

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